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EMA Film Festival September 5, 2015
The Second Annual 
EMA Film Festival
presented by 
Elyon Media Academy 

A Festival where the Kids 
Are The Stars!

The second film festival is being planned.
CONTACT US for more information.

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       Family, Friends, Parents and Teachers

                 WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!

This Event could not have been done without your help!  We will need Volunteers again and
will get the details to you as soon as we can. Once again ... We Thank All Our Volunteers !!
EMA Film Festival 
EMA Film Festival 2015
   Would you agree that there is a need for higher quality films, of all genres, that don't have to cross moral and ethical boundaries to be entertaining?  Our vision is to establish an independent film academy and production studio that raises the standard of excellence in media production.
   We have designed a platform for youth to have hands-on training in production, audio engineering, camera operation, choreography, acting, marketing, and outreach.  The goal is to bring out the talents and gifts in every youth, and to equip them to best use those talents in a revolutionary kind of media.
School & Youth Programs ENROLL NOW !!
January-April 2014 After School Programs are getting scheduled NOW! There is room for three groups of 40-50 available. There will also be a Summer Camp in 2015.

Please call us for more information:
STUDIO 210.473.5182

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Franchise Opportunity 
    We are currently in the process of developing our curriculum with a global vision of reaching youth, funding institutions, schools and churches, and employing some talented local university students. This vision is a community-inspiring dream come true! 

   Elyon Media provides a great opportunity to bring this curriculum to your area and change lives. 

  Contact us with the subject Franchise Opportunity and a repre-sentative will gladly share the path with you.

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Using quality values to change lives and reach people...

Listen to the testimonies of 
what the kids, schools and 
clients are saying!

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Call 210.473.5182 to order your favorite movie package for only $20 each!  

EVERY DVD Package includes ALL 5 Short Films and ALL 5 Trailers!!!!!
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EMA Film Festival September 5, 2015
Now Word Church provided an amazing
venue for the EMA Film Festival!  

All the Stars came out at the Festival, and we were very proud to be a part of it. Check out the Event page to see some of the photos taken during the evening.

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More info about EMA Film & Media Programs: